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13 June 2011

My Hair Treatment Experience at AimMax Hair Salon

Hello ladies!

I would like to share with you my experience of having hair treatment at AimMax Hair Salon. :) As a member of Aim Max, I get to try both scalp and hair treatment at once! (of course the membership is not cheap too :p ). The products they use is Wella System Professional, which I have seen quite often in magazine recently.I  was told that the scalp treatment is to cleanse our oily scalp, exfoliate dead skin cells and restore nutrients for a healthier scalp. There are 3 main steps in this treatment - scrub (to exfoliate), scalp shampoo and scalp mask.

I was started first with scalp treatment. The hairdresser applied the scrub onto my scalp and massaged for exfoliation. I actually enjoyed this moment very much as the scrub is cooling. :) I guess it has some kind of mint ingredients. After that I was shampooed with scalp shampoo before applying scalp mask. (Oopss.. too bad I forgot to write down the name of the scalp scrub and mask :( ).

*Part of the products used for the treatment*

Following that, the hairdresser continued with the hair treatment. I learned that this is a personalised hair treatment. Jin (the director) combined 3 unique benefits together in one treatment by using Volumize Emulsion, Hydrate Mask and Colour Save Infusion. The reason is I have fine, coloured and dehydrated hair. After the prescribed formula was applied, I was put under a 'special' hair steamer. :p The normal hair steamer that I usually experience has only hot steam. But this one, it gave me hot steam and suddenly it turned to cold at the end of treatment. They said cold air helped to closed the pores. Hmmm... interesting huh?

*The steamer*

Finally, the treatment is done! Jin again snapped some photos of my hair scalp to show me the difference between before and after. Too bad the pictures they sent to me was too small. Can't show it here. :( The main difference I can spot is that my hair roots are not that oily anymore. ;) Overall, I love these treatments. My hair felt soft and not overloaded.

*Snap snap*

About the environment, I can say this salon is pretty comfortable and relaxing. :) The interior design is absolutely gorgeous. Below are some images which may give you some ideas about how the salon looks like.

*The entrance counter*

*The styling area*

*The washing area*

*The AimMax Hair Salon at Greenlane*

So, if you would like to experience any hair services, you may look for Jin - the Managing Director of AimMax Hair Salon. =) He is a passion guy who is willing to share his knowledge about haircare with you!

*Jin (left), me (right)*

Scalp and hair treatment at RM180 each or RM270 for both at AimMax Hair Salon at Greenlane, Penang. 04-6575779. Both treatments take approximately 2.5 hours. All products used are from Wella System Professional.
Pros: Comfortable, Moisturizing.
Cons: A little Pricey.

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