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13 September 2011

Picture Of The Day - Tuesday 13.09.11

Your mind is a garden,
Your thoughts are the seeds,
The harvest can be either flowers or weeds.
Wisdom is often times nearer when we stoop than when we soar. -William Wordsworth

Picture Of The Day: A photo I would like to share with you. The photos are from me, taken by me  unless otherwise else stated. It also comes with a quote or poem which I find meaningful. Hope you will enjoy it~
Today's photo was taken in Cameron Highland.

12 September 2011

How Do You Use Lemon???

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Hello everyone!

I guess we all know that lemon is a good fruit with high anti-oxidant. So, do you take lemon???

My dad always asked me to drink fresh lemon everyday. FRESH with no sugar added. I bet you know how sour it is! facebook chat emoticon unsure Well, now I'm used to it and I actually like it quite well! I would squeeze a lemon into a mug, add some water and throw in few ice cubes - that's it! What a healthy good lemon juice. *I'm acting proud right now* facebook chat emoticon sun glasses

What do I do next? The lemon that has been squeezed does not look pretty now, but don't throw it away! You can still use it! Sometimes I will leave it in my refrigerator to freshen up my fridge or put in my bedroom - especially when the air-con is ON. Ohh, my room smells so fresh making me wanna fall asleep straight! To me it is kinda 'natural aromatherapy' facebook chat emoticon squint 

That is how I use lemons. So, my question for you is: How would you use a lemon/lemons? Can't wait to hear all of your stories! Hope that you would share with me! facebook chat emoticon wink 

Have fun!


10 September 2011

Palmer's Organic Therapy Heals My Waxing Bumps

I love leg waxing as the hair takes time to grow again. However, I would think twice when comes to it. facebook chat emoticon confused The reason is simple, I will have waxing bumps on my legs after waxing just like a razor burn. Too bad huh? facebook chat emoticon frown People say lotion helps to sooth the skin and I have tried various brands of lotion but to no avail.

Until one day when I found Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Organic Therapy, the problem is solved! I'm so glad that now I can wax my leg at anytime I want! *Teehee*facebook chat emoticon kiki

This Palmer's lotion is green in colour and it is not greasy. But, it has a strong scent which to me is still acceptable; to some it may not. facebook chat emoticon confused

Usually I will have waxing bumps on my leg for 3 to 4 days after leg waxing. Not only the look is ugly but also it is painful. With Palmer's lotion, the skin of my leg is back to normal the next day! Let me show you the difference. facebook chat emoticon kiki The first picture below is the look of my leg which is just after leg waxing. The second below is the look the next day after I apply the Palmer's lotion. Amazing huh? facebook chat emoticon kiki



Now, I do not have to worry about the 'after-wax' effect. I just need to apply the lotion and I'm ready to go! So, how do you think? Do you have waxing bumps each time you wax too? Let me know! facebook chat emoticon wink

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Good Luck!


Palmer's Olive Butter Formula Organic Therapy (400ml) retails around RM24++/RM26++ in Guardian. (Couldn't remember the exact price facebook chat emoticon upset ) 
Plus: Not oily/greasy, Light weight,helps reducing waxing bumps.
Minus: Strong scent which may be annoying.