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12 September 2011

How Do You Use Lemon???

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Hello everyone!

I guess we all know that lemon is a good fruit with high anti-oxidant. So, do you take lemon???

My dad always asked me to drink fresh lemon everyday. FRESH with no sugar added. I bet you know how sour it is! facebook chat emoticon unsure Well, now I'm used to it and I actually like it quite well! I would squeeze a lemon into a mug, add some water and throw in few ice cubes - that's it! What a healthy good lemon juice. *I'm acting proud right now* facebook chat emoticon sun glasses

What do I do next? The lemon that has been squeezed does not look pretty now, but don't throw it away! You can still use it! Sometimes I will leave it in my refrigerator to freshen up my fridge or put in my bedroom - especially when the air-con is ON. Ohh, my room smells so fresh making me wanna fall asleep straight! To me it is kinda 'natural aromatherapy' facebook chat emoticon squint 

That is how I use lemons. So, my question for you is: How would you use a lemon/lemons? Can't wait to hear all of your stories! Hope that you would share with me! facebook chat emoticon wink 

Have fun!