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25 June 2011

Face Care Tips: Double Cleansing?

Few days ago, when I visited SK-II counter with a friend, we were told to do double cleansing every evening. Double cleansing? Well, I don't really have that habit. :p Most of the Asian brands promote double cleansing. Double cleansing does not mean washing your face with regular gel or foaming cleanser twice but to use a different type of cleanser (also known as makeup remover) prior to your regular cleanser.

Do you need to double cleanse if you don't wear any makeup? The answer is YES (as I was told). :) The makeup remover does not only remove makeup but also the excess sebum. It is also very important to double cleanse especially when you are under SPF. Otherwise, your pores might be clogged.;) Once you have done the first cleansing, the second will be your gel or foaming cleanser to remove impurities. :)

Types of Makeup Remover

There are mainly 3 types of makeup remover you can find in the market - cleansing oil, cleansing milk and cleansing water. From my experience, cleansing oil would be the most effective remover for heavy makeup. It removes makeup completely! However, some said using cleansing oil everyday will leave you a drier face. That differs from person to person I guess. One of the popular cleansing oil is Shu Uemura Cleansing oil.

Another type is cleansing milk. Cleansing milk is more gentle to the skin, maybe better for everyday use. But, there are comments about cleansing milk not being as effective as cleansing oil in removing heavy makeup. Well, I personally think that it is Okay for normal light makeup but eye areas should be avoided. :) I found Cellnique Vital Repair Cleansing Milk is fine on my dehydrated skin.
Lastly, cleansing water. No rinsing required and suitable for face and eyes area (but not for waterproof makeup). Like cleansing milk, it is gentle enough for everyday use. :) Just wipe with cotton pads damped with cleansing water and you are done! I have not used any cleansing water before but I intend to buy one. What I have in mind is Vichy Purete Thermale Calming Cleansing Solution and Dior Instant Cleansing Water.
Do you double cleanse everyday? Well, if you have break outs each time after you use sunscreen, you should double cleanse your face to remove the SPF chemical contents. And ladies, do let me know if you have a good makeup remover to recommend! 

Have fun!


13 June 2011

My Hair Treatment Experience at AimMax Hair Salon

Hello ladies!

I would like to share with you my experience of having hair treatment at AimMax Hair Salon. :) As a member of Aim Max, I get to try both scalp and hair treatment at once! (of course the membership is not cheap too :p ). The products they use is Wella System Professional, which I have seen quite often in magazine recently.I  was told that the scalp treatment is to cleanse our oily scalp, exfoliate dead skin cells and restore nutrients for a healthier scalp. There are 3 main steps in this treatment - scrub (to exfoliate), scalp shampoo and scalp mask.

I was started first with scalp treatment. The hairdresser applied the scrub onto my scalp and massaged for exfoliation. I actually enjoyed this moment very much as the scrub is cooling. :) I guess it has some kind of mint ingredients. After that I was shampooed with scalp shampoo before applying scalp mask. (Oopss.. too bad I forgot to write down the name of the scalp scrub and mask :( ).

*Part of the products used for the treatment*

Following that, the hairdresser continued with the hair treatment. I learned that this is a personalised hair treatment. Jin (the director) combined 3 unique benefits together in one treatment by using Volumize Emulsion, Hydrate Mask and Colour Save Infusion. The reason is I have fine, coloured and dehydrated hair. After the prescribed formula was applied, I was put under a 'special' hair steamer. :p The normal hair steamer that I usually experience has only hot steam. But this one, it gave me hot steam and suddenly it turned to cold at the end of treatment. They said cold air helped to closed the pores. Hmmm... interesting huh?

*The steamer*

Finally, the treatment is done! Jin again snapped some photos of my hair scalp to show me the difference between before and after. Too bad the pictures they sent to me was too small. Can't show it here. :( The main difference I can spot is that my hair roots are not that oily anymore. ;) Overall, I love these treatments. My hair felt soft and not overloaded.

*Snap snap*

About the environment, I can say this salon is pretty comfortable and relaxing. :) The interior design is absolutely gorgeous. Below are some images which may give you some ideas about how the salon looks like.

*The entrance counter*

*The styling area*

*The washing area*

*The AimMax Hair Salon at Greenlane*

So, if you would like to experience any hair services, you may look for Jin - the Managing Director of AimMax Hair Salon. =) He is a passion guy who is willing to share his knowledge about haircare with you!

*Jin (left), me (right)*

Scalp and hair treatment at RM180 each or RM270 for both at AimMax Hair Salon at Greenlane, Penang. 04-6575779. Both treatments take approximately 2.5 hours. All products used are from Wella System Professional.
Pros: Comfortable, Moisturizing.
Cons: A little Pricey.

06 June 2011

The winner for The First Ever Lip Gloss Giveaway!

Hello Ladies!

Finally we have the winner for The First Ever Lip Gloss Giveaway! Guess who she is.....She is......Agnes Ng!

Congratulations Agnes! 

I will be in touch with you soon. For the rest who did not win, do not be disappointed. There will be more giveaways in the future! So, stay connected! ;)


05 June 2011

Recipe: Home Cooked Spaghetti

Hello ladies! Today I wish to tell you how to make a simple yet delicious spaghetti!!!

This recipe was taught by my mom and trust me, it is very easy! Although it is easy, I do not purely depend on the commercial sauce but with some additional ingredients on top of that. ;)

Let's go straight to the point - the ingredients. The ingredients needed are: -
For the sauce:
1. Prego Pasta Sauce
2. Cooking oil ( I used vegetable oil)
3. Fresh tomatoes (chopped)
4. Minced garlic and onion
5. Sliced Mushroom (any type to your preference :) )
6. Tuna chunks (ayam brand or TC boy)
6. Dried Oregano 
7. Parmesan Cheese
8. Salt, pepper, sugar and chicken stock powder.

For the pasta: 
1. Spaghetti Pasta
2. Olive oil
3. Salt
4. Dried Oregano

I would usually prepare the pasta first before making the sauce. ;) Just boil the water with cooking oil and salt in it; salt is to add some flavor to the pasta and the oil is to keep each pasta separately. Cook the pasta in boiling water for about 15-20 minutes. Always taste the pasta from time to time to get the best texture that you like! For me, I prefer something not too soft and not too hard :p. Once the pasta is ready, set aside with some dried oregano and olive oil. :)

Now comes to making the sauce.

Stir-fry the prepared garlic and onions until they turn into golden colour. Then add in the mushroom and fresh tomatoes. Slowly cook until the tomatoes are soft. Once the tomatoes are soft, add in the tuna chunks.

After a while, add in Prego pasta sauce, chicken stock powder and any herbs that you like. For me I use oregano. You may add some water if you find the sauce too dry. But, remember not to add too much ;) Finally, season it with salt, sugar and pepper :).

Instead of putting the sauce on top of the spaghetti, I prefer to 'cook' them together. What I do is, pour the pasta into the sauce, add some cheese on it and stir for a few seconds before turning off the stove. :) This helps the pasta to absorb the sauce better! Yummy~ Of course, you can do it the other way round. Play around with it!

Now you can serve your spaghetti and enjoy with your love ones ;) Isn't that easy? :) Do not give up if your first trial is not up to your expectation. :) Practice makes perfect!

Have fun and good luck! ;)


04 June 2011

Review: Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque

I was told to exfoliate my skin once a week during my facial treatment session some time ago. It is said that it would help our skin to absorb skin care better! Well, I do not have this habit to exfoliate my skin as I have drier skin. Then I decided to purchase Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque to try. Well ya, I have to admit that I am a fan of Cellnique ;) , though there are some products that I like and some I don't. Nothing is perfect right? :p

I was told by Ruby at Cellnique (Cellnique's Expert on Facebook) that this masque can be used together with Vital Repair Cleansing Milk at 1:1 portion to reduce my skin tags and tiny red dots on my cheek. Hence, I asked for a cleansing milk sample to try. :)

Well, I like the packaging! :) Nice clear plastic jar with a metal cover. There is another cover underneath which prevents the masque from drying up.

This is a clay masque with fine grainy bits. Its texture is light and creamy which is very easy to apply. The scent is interesting, it smells like fruits especially pineapple. I then realized that it has pineapple enzyme. :)

How to use it? As recommended, I mix the masque with the cleansing milk at 1:1 portion before applying to my face. Surprisingly, there was no tingling feel on my face. I guess the cleansing milk helps to avoid that (I tried the masque once without the cleansing milk and I got slight tingling feel). ;) After applying a layer, leave it for 10-15 minutes to dry. Then, rub your skin gently in circular motion with wet hands to exfoliate the skin. Finally you are done by rinsing off with warm water. :)

My skin felt very smooth and soft after using this masque. Thanks to the fruit enzymes! However, do not use this masque more than once a week if you have a sensitive skin.

This Advanced Bio Renewal Masque does not leave my skin feeling dry like most clay masks do. But, I still apply hydrating mask after exfoliation to restore hydration on my skin :) .

Overall, I like this masque very much although I am still not sure if it will help to reduce my skin tag and red dots. :)

Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque retails at RM159 at Cellnique's Website or any Cellnique authorized salon.

Pros: Not drying, smooth, refresh and nice scent.
Cons: Might have tingling feel, pricey.