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05 October 2012

What do you with expired cream make up remover?

I hardly make up, hence my make up remover usually has leftover when expiry date arrives. Instead of throwing it away, I conducted an experiment with my expired make up remover on my dirty ventilating fan.

My ventilating fan is very oily as it is used when I am cooking. I always have hard time in removing the dirt. Until... I try to clean it with make up remover!!!

What I did was applying the cream on the fan surface, let it sat for a while before wiping with a face cotton. And the dirt came out! Wow...

To prevent the fan from being stained, I came up with an idea of wrapping the fan with cling wrap! Haha... So I do not need to clean the fan so hard, just replace the cling wrap the next time I wanna clean the fan. This is way more easy!

I guess, I shall think of what else to do with my expired products in the future! Do share with me on what you will do with your expired products! =) Throw it away or use it somewhere else?


05 May 2012

Picture of The Day - Saturday 05.05.12

In all things of nature there is something marvelous. -Aristotle

Today's photo was taken in Cameron Highland.

Picture Of The Day: A photo I would like to share with you. The photos are from me, taken by me  unless otherwise else stated. It also comes with a quote or poem which I find meaningful. Hope you will enjoy it~