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05 July 2011

Food: Bella Italia Pizzeria

Since food post attracts better response from the reader, I will talk about food from time to time if I find the place/food interesting. :) Of course, I will still continue with my products sharing/review.

My birthday was on last week and my bf brought me to an Italian restaurant. He knows that I am a spaghetti lover. =D> The place is called Bella Italia Pizzeria at Pulau Tikus, the map is here. We ordered mushroom soup, mushroom rice and spaghetti. I didn't plan to blog about this, so I do not have the pictures of the main dishes. (I will do better next time ;) )

I did not like the rice because it was too plain. :p And for my spaghetti, it was okay, not too bad. I still prefer the spaghetti from DOME or QE2. But the environment is nice. :)) Romantic and relaxing.

Once we finished the main dish, we ordered a Tiramisu. I love it so much! It was soft and fulled of coffee powder! We had to quickly finish it as it melted fast~

I think the place is nice. :)) Good for a date or special celebrations. I can't recall for the price but it is around RM25++ for the main dish and RM13++ for the Tiramisu. Have you been here before? I'm sure many do. Do let me know what I have missed out from this place! ;)

Good Luck!


Review: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream

After reading about Kielh's Oil-Free range from mywomenstuff, I went to Kiehl's store with a friend to pick up the Oil-free Gel Cream moisturizer. I always love gel type moisturizer as it is not oily, but it may not be hydrating enough sometimes. So, this gel cream maybe a good try since it promises OIL-FREE! facebook chat emoticon wink

This moisturizer comes in a nice packaging (I love blue colour facebook chat emoticon tongue). However, there is no protection under the cap. facebook chat emoticon frown The moisturizer is watery and when I open it, some gel cream actually fell out. I wish it comes with an extra safety cover underneath the cap as we might travel around with it.

I have been using it for about 2 weeks. For the first 2 days, I felt slightly dehydrated at my lower cheek. After that I felt hydrated again! facebook chat emoticon kiki What I like the most is the Oil-Free feeling! My face is moisturized the whole day without feeling oily. It is so light! But, it is sticky on my face before it fully absorbs.

At night or in the morning when I wash my face, it feels like there is a layer of lotion of my face. Once I use cleanser, it goes away. So far, it does not bug me. It also has a light scent. I do not know how to describe it. It does not smell good or bad. I just ignore it facebook chat emoticon tongue.

When I purchase this product at Gurney, I was given some Kiehl's samples. Oh, Kiehl's is so generous. Too bad they did not have Midnight Recovery Concentrate sample. I would love to try that before buying (cos it is not cheap facebook chat emoticon frown ).

Well, I can say I do not have much complain about this product. But I do hope that Kiehl's can come up with a better packaging with a 'safety' cover. facebook chat emoticon wink

So have you tried this yet and how do you think?

Good luck!


Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream retails at RM100 at Kiehl's counter.

What I like: Not oily, Light weight, hydrating.

What I don't like: Does not have safety cover underneath the cap.

04 July 2011

Food: Indian Vegetarian Paradise

Hello ladies! How are you doing? :)

This time, I would like to share about my experience in a Indian vegetarian restaurant called WOODLANDS! It is located near to the Little India in Penang. It opens daily and has a very comfortable air-conditioned environment for you to enjoy your meal. :) Thanks to my bf who brought me there. ;)

We ordered vegetable fried rice, mushroom fried rice, poori and madras coffee. :) I love the mushroom fried rice more as the vegetable fried rice has strong pepper smell. The fried rice also came with white colour sour gravy, my bf said it is something like 'yogurt'. Hmmm.... I wonder. :p

Mushroom Fried Rice

When you are here, remember to order their poori. :) Very nice with the gravy cooked with 'kacang putih' (Ooppss..My friend said it is 'Kacang Kuda', my bad). It came like a big balloon and flatten when it is colder. It taste real nice! ;) I saw most of the customers ordered this too.

Poori with Kacang Putih Gravy

We were then served with madras coffee. It came with a stainless steel mug and bowl. Because the coffee is hot, the bowl is for you to "tarik" (pull in English)  your coffee. But I didn't do that. :p

Madras Coffee

The Restaurant

Overall, I like the place very much and it is not expensive. It cost only RM19++ for what we ordered. I will definitely visit the place again. :) When you have no idea on where to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, maybe you can pay this place a visit. :) They do have special menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Enjoy and good luck! ;)

Woodlands Indian Vegetarian Restaurant (near to Little India)
60, Penang Street, 10200 Penang.

Opens daily from morning to night.