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26 October 2011

Inglot is coming to Queensbay Penang!

Hello ladies!

I have a good news for those who stay near to Penang. Inglot is coming to Queensbay Penang! It will be at Ground floor, next to L'occitane and very near to main entrance.

I have been reading about Inglot and how bloggers love about it but it was too far for me to get it! I am so happy to see the renovation going on in Queensbay. That means I can try the Inglot products much easier! Hooray~

The question now is when will it open? I guess we'll have to wait for the updates from their fan page.

For now if you are interested to know more about Inglot, here is a very good blog by ParisB - My Women Stuff. Ohh, it is my favourite blog!

Alright, let's wait for Inglot to open and we shall have fun! =)


22 October 2011

How often do you apply mask?

Hello Ladies,

I have a question in mind today - how often do you apply mask? =)

For me, I usually apply exfoliating mask weekly and hydrating mask more often. But sometimes, when I got lazy y'know, I will skip all these... Ahha..

I find that by exfoliating regularly would help my skin to absorb skin care better. However, if I exfoliate too much my skin will be dry. =( As for hydrating mask, I tend to apply like once in every 3 days. I helps to minimize my pores! When my face is dehydrated I will then apply it daily!

So, tell me, how often do you apply mask and what type of mask you love the most??? =)