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19 March 2011

Enjoying: Aromatherapy at Home

Do you realize that most of the facial salon and spa has aroma scent? I love the scent so much that it actually made me relax during the treatment in the salon :) *sniff sniff* Then I came to know that it is aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person's mind, mood, cognitive function or health - definition from Wikipedia.

I then decided to practice aromatherapy at home too! The reason is I wanna  get myself relax after a tiring working day! :p So, I went searching for a good burner (shown above), essential oil and candles. :)

It is said that a good burner is very important as it will provide suitable temperature to burn the essential oil. So I picked up a burner from Blu Scents Aromatherapy store at RM40 ( if I still remember it correctly :P).

Next, what we need is a pure and high quality essential oil. A poor quality of essential oils might give you bad effect. Remember, fragrance oil is different from pure essential oil. So watch out when you are selecting an essential oil. I got mine from Eve Taylor, Relax blend, which does not contain alcohol, mineral oil, artificial fragrance, artificial preservative or colour.

The candles I bought are Blue Scents organic candles.  

They are made from 100% vegetable palm oils, a replenishing raw material that is an environmental friendly alternative to paraffin based tea light candles. There candles also have clean burning properties with no smoke. Organic Tea lights are perfect for use in well ventilated vaporizers and oil burners - described by Blu Scents.

To practice aromatherapy, what you need to do is to fill some water on top of the burner and pour 3-5 drops of essential oil into it. Lastly, light up the candle and place it inside the burner! 

Now you can have a relaxing moment while watch a tv show or reading a book :)  Good Luck!

Aromatherapy Tools:
1. Blu Scents Burner retails at RM40.
2. Blu Scents Organic Candles retails at RM8.50 (24 pieces)
3. Eve Taylor Essential Oil retails at approx. RM68.

15 March 2011

In Love: With Urban Decay Primer Potion

For some time, I have been having headache on how to prevent my eyeshadow from creasing, fading or smearing. :( The eyeshadow often becomes greasy and forms a line in the middle of my eye lid.

Do you encounter the same problem like I do? 

Finally, I found the solution - Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) from makeup blogs! :) It is a fantastic eye primer that I am totally obsessed with right now. It works perfectly on preventing the eyeshadow from creasing! ;)  Sounds like a miracle huh?

The Little Purple Tube

UDPP comes in an odd shaped bottle. Although I like the packaging, the shape of the bottle might give a false indicator that your primer is finishing. Maybe when we thought the tube is done, we can cut it to see if there is anymore left :P (Well, I haven’t come to this point yet)

The Creamy Primer

UDPP has a creamy texture. One swipe with the sponge-tip applicator is more than enough for one eyelid. It creates a smooth magnetic eyelid that is ideal for eyeshadow application. Hooray~ ;)

My Experiment

I have experimented with UDPP by applying eyeshadow on my right eye (with UDPP) and my left eye (without UDPP) to see how both eyes go after few hours.

Here are the results after 4 hours. Hope you can see the difference :P

Left Eye w/o UDPP

Right Eye with UDPP

So, are you interested in getting yourself an UDPP? 

Urban Decay Primer Potion retails at $18USD at Sephora.

Pros: Prevent eyeshadow from creasing, easy to apply.
Cons: Might have left over although you think the tube is done.

11 March 2011

My Skin Care Routine

I didn’t bother much about skin care until 2 years ago when my face started to get very dehydrated and sensitive. I guess my previous cleanser does not work for me anymore :p

My skin: Generally I have a dry and sensitive skin. I will have break outs the next day if the product I used is not suitable for me. So normally, I will be extra careful when choosing a new skin care product.

Let me share with you my current skin care routine ;)

1. Cleanser: Cellnique Seaweed Cleansing Gel

This cleanser does not dry up my skin. :) Maybe is because it is a gel type. It does not foam up much and as a result it will not dry up your skin. I learnt that a cleanser that has lots of foams will absorb the oil and give you a cleaner ‘feel’. That is suitable for an oily skin but not the dehydrated one like mine.

2. Toner: Cellnique Soothing and Hydrating Lotion / Clinelle Skin Soothing Toner

So far I have tried Cellnique and Clinelle toner. Both of them do not impress me much. I don’t feel anything special about them and it is just ok. The reason why I have both is my Cellnique toner has finished and I picked up Clinelle during a sale. Clinelle attracted me as it does not contain Comedogenic Ingredients. Well, I am still looking for a good toner ;)

3. Moisturizer: Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Oasis Gel

I love this moisturizer very much. It is a gel type! Although creamy is more suitable for dry skin, it tends to give me a thick layer of oily face. I would say “thumbs up” for this gel moisturizer as it does hydrate my skin without making my face oily! I really love this ;)

Have you found any skin care that you can’t live without? Please share it with me! :)

You can find :
- Seaweed Cleansing Gel (RM99, 200ml), 
- Soothing and Hydrating Lotion (RM79, 200ml) and 
- Intensive Hydrating Oasis Gel (RM129, 50ml) at Cellnique Website.

You can also find :
Clinelle Skin Soothing Tone (RM33.90, 200ml) at most of the Guardian Pharmacy.

09 March 2011

Review: Sigma's Travel Kit Naughty In Black

I learnt about Sigma brushes from Xteeener some time ago and I always wanted a set of travel size brushes. Finally, my friends helped to get me a set of  Sigma's Travel Kit Naughty In Black from the States! Thank you guys so so much :)

The brushes comes with a very nice packaging. I love the purple drawstring pouches ;)

Travel Kit Naughty In Black contains 5 face brushes and 4 eye/concealer brushes. It also comes with a nice, soft black brush roll! :) My order was supposed to have a free travel size F50 brush, however, Sigma gave me an additional free travel size E25 brush! Thank you Sigma! ;)

How do you find about the brushes?

 I find the brushes are dense. They are soft and nice on my skin. :) Most importantly, the bristles did not "sting" my skin. But I am not sure how long the softness will last. I may review on this again after using them for some time. In addition, I find the brushes working well with powder and liquid.

This kit also comes with a Cleaning Instructions. It is recommended to clean the Sigma brushes by using a brush cleanser or a mild baby shampoo prior to its first use. It also states on how we should reshape the bristles after cleaning in order to keep the brush in shape.

The 7 + 2 brushes are:
                                                                                                    Free brushes
F30 - Large Powder                                                               F50 - Duo Fibre                              
F40 - Large Angled Contour                                              E25 - Blending
F60 - Foundation
E55 - Eye Shading
E30 - Pencil
E40 - Tapered Blending
F70 - Concealer

I think it is worth getting if you travel a alot. :) Do you have any Sigma brushes? Which one do you like the most?

Sigma's Travel Kit Naughty In Black retails at $49USD at Sigma's Website .
Pros: Soft, handy, cheaper compared to MAC brushes, soft brush roll
Cons: Only available via online, international shipping cost

DISCLAIMER: Review posted here is based on my personal experience with the product.

04 March 2011

Hair Colour: It got too 'Bright' on my head

I am so sorry ladies! I know I have promised to post some new things after my first post. But I got too busy with my work (sounds like excuse eh :p )

Finally here I am!  *wink*

Anyone of you who likes changing their hair colour? Well, I have been itching to re-colour my hair. Why? Because I have oily, fine and thin hair! Colouring it will change the oiliness and of course it will add some volumes to my hair! :) However, it did not turn out to be what I want for the colour. I went to a salon (for the first time for colouring) that offers a lower price for the service, unfortunately it turn out to be a nightmare!

The colour was too bright for my skin tone and they did not apply a darker colour at my hair roots! I told them that I wanted a darker colour (not the yellow/orange range) and requested an even darker one for my hair roots. The reason is our hair roots absorb the colour pretty fast! Well, they didn't really listen to me so here is the output :(

I got so sad and decided to re-colour again the next day at a salon that I used to go. I like the hair stylist, Jin as he knows what I want. He then coloured my hair to be a darker one! I'm sure you gonna ask why didn't I go to Jin right? Well, I just thought of trying somewhere new and that's the risk I got. :(

But for now, I am happy with my new hair colour which is not very bright and it does help to add some volumes. Yipppeeee! :) So thanks to Jin who saved my hair!

Tips: Use a darker colour for hair roots to avoid over-shiny look on your top and get yourself a suitable colour that you like! Hair Colour at RM120 (after 20% discount) at Aim Max Hair Salon, Greenlane Penang. Mainly SP Wella product is carried in this salon.