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11 March 2011

My Skin Care Routine

I didn’t bother much about skin care until 2 years ago when my face started to get very dehydrated and sensitive. I guess my previous cleanser does not work for me anymore :p

My skin: Generally I have a dry and sensitive skin. I will have break outs the next day if the product I used is not suitable for me. So normally, I will be extra careful when choosing a new skin care product.

Let me share with you my current skin care routine ;)

1. Cleanser: Cellnique Seaweed Cleansing Gel

This cleanser does not dry up my skin. :) Maybe is because it is a gel type. It does not foam up much and as a result it will not dry up your skin. I learnt that a cleanser that has lots of foams will absorb the oil and give you a cleaner ‘feel’. That is suitable for an oily skin but not the dehydrated one like mine.

2. Toner: Cellnique Soothing and Hydrating Lotion / Clinelle Skin Soothing Toner

So far I have tried Cellnique and Clinelle toner. Both of them do not impress me much. I don’t feel anything special about them and it is just ok. The reason why I have both is my Cellnique toner has finished and I picked up Clinelle during a sale. Clinelle attracted me as it does not contain Comedogenic Ingredients. Well, I am still looking for a good toner ;)

3. Moisturizer: Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Oasis Gel

I love this moisturizer very much. It is a gel type! Although creamy is more suitable for dry skin, it tends to give me a thick layer of oily face. I would say “thumbs up” for this gel moisturizer as it does hydrate my skin without making my face oily! I really love this ;)

Have you found any skin care that you can’t live without? Please share it with me! :)

You can find :
- Seaweed Cleansing Gel (RM99, 200ml), 
- Soothing and Hydrating Lotion (RM79, 200ml) and 
- Intensive Hydrating Oasis Gel (RM129, 50ml) at Cellnique Website.

You can also find :
Clinelle Skin Soothing Tone (RM33.90, 200ml) at most of the Guardian Pharmacy.

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