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About Me

Hello! Welcome! Nice to see you here!

I'm Stephy - the author behind Savvy-Ladies-Talk based in Penang, Malaysia! facebook chat emoticon kiki
I'm crazy about skin care, love to read about beauty products, often search for tips, adore for shopping, likes to take photos, love to travel and of course LOVE TO TALK and SHARE!

I learnt that blogging is a great way to share! So, I decided to blog. Here, I can share my thoughts, ideas or anything that I find interesting.

What is this blog about?

From the name 'Savvy-Ladies-Talk', it must be related to Ladies huh? But still I wouldn't call this a 100% beauty blog as I might post anything that I find interesting  like - foods, recipes, some tips, travels and many more. So why would I call 'Ladies' then? Coz ladies love to talk, discuss and share. That's our nature! Ahha...

I would love to hear from you too! So do find me at [Facebook] or email me at Questions, comments and feedback are welcomed!

Alright, that is a 'little' bit about me. See you around!

Good Luck!