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04 March 2011

Hair Colour: It got too 'Bright' on my head

I am so sorry ladies! I know I have promised to post some new things after my first post. But I got too busy with my work (sounds like excuse eh :p )

Finally here I am!  *wink*

Anyone of you who likes changing their hair colour? Well, I have been itching to re-colour my hair. Why? Because I have oily, fine and thin hair! Colouring it will change the oiliness and of course it will add some volumes to my hair! :) However, it did not turn out to be what I want for the colour. I went to a salon (for the first time for colouring) that offers a lower price for the service, unfortunately it turn out to be a nightmare!

The colour was too bright for my skin tone and they did not apply a darker colour at my hair roots! I told them that I wanted a darker colour (not the yellow/orange range) and requested an even darker one for my hair roots. The reason is our hair roots absorb the colour pretty fast! Well, they didn't really listen to me so here is the output :(

I got so sad and decided to re-colour again the next day at a salon that I used to go. I like the hair stylist, Jin as he knows what I want. He then coloured my hair to be a darker one! I'm sure you gonna ask why didn't I go to Jin right? Well, I just thought of trying somewhere new and that's the risk I got. :(

But for now, I am happy with my new hair colour which is not very bright and it does help to add some volumes. Yipppeeee! :) So thanks to Jin who saved my hair!

Tips: Use a darker colour for hair roots to avoid over-shiny look on your top and get yourself a suitable colour that you like! Hair Colour at RM120 (after 20% discount) at Aim Max Hair Salon, Greenlane Penang. Mainly SP Wella product is carried in this salon.

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